Whats it really like?


What does the year look like?

The College calendar year is made up of two semesters and four terms. Each term is made up of about 10 weeks with two weeks of vacation between them. Each semester has two terms, with a four-week break between semester One and Two.

Orientation Week

The iSEECOLLEGE year begins with Orientation Week. We invite new students and their loved ones to attend a special service wherein our new students are anointed and prayed for as they embark on a year of exponential growth. Following this, we hold a one-day Practical Orientation session. We'll take you through the culture and heart of iSEE COLLEGE, the general expectation of students and an outline of the semester. 

"iSEE COLLEGE has been the most life-changing experiences that I have ever had. When I felt the call to go to College I was so unsure of what this year would look like, but I can confidently say that during College I have been educated, pushed, supported, loved and given the tools necessary to become all God wants me to be." - Sarah Joy Parsons, Kings Church 

Family and Park Lunches

At iSEE COLLEGE we value family and community, and to foster that within our cohort, we head down a local park for lunch at least twice a term.

"I recently attended the College family lunch and it was lovely. When we got to the park, I was surprised to see that the iSEE COLLEGE staff had prepared everything for us; their heart of service and genuine care to the college students is outstanding. The fellowship with my other classmates while we kicked the ball around was great." - Joy Meakin, Westside Church of Christ 


We especially aim to head out to a park for lunch during our subject intensives, which allows students to study and learn the entire subject matter of a unit in two days. 

"The intensives at iSEE COLLEGE have been really interesting. They have covered a wide variety of topics, from studies into New Testament books of the Bible, to practical subjects such as leadership. The intensives provide a launchpad of solid, comprehensive introductory knowledge into a topic that allows for further study or simply for good general knowledge." - Connor Walker, iSEE CHURCH 

College Retreat

One of the key highlights of studying at iSEE COLLEGE is our annual College Retreat. This takes place during Semester One (though in 2020 it will be in mid-October) and is a three-day camp. It is compulsory for all full-time students and is encouraged for part-time students. During this time we focus on teamwork, College family and spiritual transformation. 

"Retreat made me realise who I am and whom God has made me to be. My purpose, my why and knowing who God really is. Retreat stretches you beyond any expectation and the growth you will have will far exceed anything you could have imagined." - Emma Simpson, Forward Church


"I had an encounter at Retreat with God and He set me free from spiritual strongholds I never knew I had. Now with the freedom that I’ve been given, I can now lead other people into God’s freedom." - Kee-Lin Ormsby, Springfield Christian Family 

Missions Trip

Once a year we give our students the chance to travel to the nations and spread God's love through missions. In the past, we have travelled to Papua New Guinea, Mumbai India and many more. In 2020, we have had to cancel our trip until further notice but look forward to presenting this option to students again soon.

"Our 2019 College trip was ten days of crazy, life-altering experiences. Meeting different people and stepping into their world, my heart and perspective were challenged and my faith was stirred to bring the passion and obedience I witnessed back to Brisbane" - Ben Walker, iSEE CHURCH 

Spiritual Emphasis Weeks

Twice a year we hold Spiritual Emphasis week where students spend their College week in Chapel emphasising God and what He wants to do in our student's lives. This covers the Tuesday night and Wednesday all day. Our students come prayed up and ready for God to move.

"Spiritual emphasis week is the highlight of the second semester; it’s a time where we get to come together and encounter God and focus on Him. For me, it has been a time when God has spoken and directed me for the next season." - Miranda Huttley, iSEE CHURCH 

Celebration Night

At the end of each year, we celebrate our graduating students and all they have accomplished with a formal evening where our students are honoured and celebrated.