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with Ps Jo Geerling


The Ministry Mentoring Program is a non-accredited course designed to fast-track people who feel called to ministry and is overseen by iSEE CHURCH Senior Pastor Jo Geerling.

It is open to students who have already completed a year of study at iSEE COLLEGE or graduated from a Bible College, with proof of completion of study. 


Our mentoring classes are creatively structured to help impart the knowledge and insight our lecturers have acquired from their many years of ministry experience.  Coupled with our internship program, students are given the opportunity to practically use the skills and knowledge gained through their mentoring classes in the areas they serve in their local church.


Chloe Farraway

Hear what our current student - Chloe Farraway has to say:

The Ministry Mentorship Program at iSEE College is an experience like no other. Not only has the program set a foundation that will guide me through my calling in ministry, it’s installed a greater confidence in me that can only be found in God.


Although I already knew the gifts and call on my life, I could never understand why God was going to use me. I doubted that I was able to have an impact, and I accepted that there was always going to be someone better than me.


Something that I have loved about the Ministry Mentorship Program, is the space that has been created for conversations like this, the real, raw and honest conversations. Having lecturers who have been involved in ministry for numerous years, mixed with being surrounded by those stepping further into their calling puts you with a family you never knew you needed. 

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