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Year Three


Your third year at iSEE COLLEGE will give you a Bachelor's Degree in Theology, and builds on your knowledge from your first and second years of study. This course will cover areas such as Ecclesiology, Theology, Biblical Studies and Ministry Development. 

By the end of your third year at iSEE COLLEGE, you can expect to have: ​

  • A foundational understanding of New Testament Greek language.

  • A repertoire of advanced Exegetical Tools to help you understand and interpret books of the bible.

  • Experienced a Cross-Cultural missions trip.

Course prerequisites: Completion of a Diploma of Leadership and Associates Degree in Ministry (First & Second Year) or equivalent. 

Weekly contact hours are approx. 11 hours onsite (Wednesday + Thursday all day). Part-time options are available, please refer to our Prospectus for more information. 


*Bachelor of Theology is delivered by 

  Planetshakers College Online.

  Planetshakers College is an authorised Third Party of               Alphacrucis College (TEQSA:PRV12006)

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