At iSEE COLLEGE, we exist to equip people for ministry and leadership, no matter what field they are called to. Established in 2006, iSEE COLLEGE is the bible college of iSEE CHURCH and we empower people to influence.


We work to see people trained with a greater biblical understanding, develop a greater passion for the house of God and a reliance on the Holy Spirit in everything they do. 


By empowering our students to influence in every area of their lives, they have the ability and confidence to build and reach their local church and others in their sphere. 


iSEE COLLEGE combines world-class teaching, practical experience and student support to create an effective and rounded study experience. 



"iSEE COLLEGE is the ideal environment for you to realise and unlock your leadership potential. We want to bring out your best, and that’s why our college focuses on developing empowered leaders. God has a plan and purpose for your life, and we want to play a part in preparing you for your future."

Ps Paul +Jo Geerling