About us

Who we are and why we exist

At iSEE COLLEGE, we exist to equip people for ministry and leadership, no matter what field they choose to pursue. 


We want to see people trained with a great biblical understanding, develop a greater passion for the house of God and a reliance on the Holy Spirit in everything they do. 


We have a culture of encountering God. Our lectures are not just informational, they include powerful moments of encountering God every single week. We don’t want college to be a dry, purely academic experience. iSEE COLLEGE is a journey of spiritual transformation that sets you up to fulfil the call of God on your life. 


We have people from all walks of life choose to give God a year and study with us. It could be a gap year between school and uni, or employment. From those fresh out of school, to parents, people in business; College is an experience for everyone. 


If you are wanting to seek God’s direction for your life, develop your skills or grow in your knowledge and faith, you are not alone! Please feel to contact us here, we’d love to speak with you! 

Meet the team

iSEE COLLEGE STAFF 2020-11.jpg

Ps James Nikkerud

Ps James is our iSEE COLLEGE Principal as well as the Worship Pastor of iSEE CHURCH.

Coming with 8 years of experience as a youth pastor, he prefers a quality T-shirt over a button-up.

Ps James is a keen golfer and coffee addict with strong opinions about instant coffee.

Ps Yvette Walters

Ps Yvette loves to teach our students the scriptures, leadership and theology. She also oversees all the academics and assessments at college. 

Ps Yvette was one of our first students to come through our college back when she was a youth pastor. 

Yvette loves to read and make cheesecakes... not so much at the moment as she’s busy with her four kids!

Ps Jo Geerling

Senior Pastor of iSEE CHURCH and President of iSEE COLLEGE, alongside her husband Ps Paul, Ps Jo joins iSEE COLLEGE to oversee our Ministry Mentoring Program. Having worked and served in the ministry sphere for many years, Ps Jo shares a wealth of both practical and spiritual knowledge with our students. She is passionate about simplifying the overcomplicated and can often be heard sharing her favourite catchphrase, “it’s not that hard!”.

Ps Lachlan Mackay

Since completing his own studies at iSEE COLLEGE, Lachlan has joyfully served in youth ministry at his previous church and now, iSEE CHURCH. A recent addition to the iSEE COLLEGE team, Lachlan is passionate about teaching the Word of God and leadership principles. He is also the father to a precious little girl and has a natural talent for sleight of hand magic-tricks!

Mikaela Creed

Mikaela manages and coordinates the general operations of iSEE COLLEGE behind the scenes. With a background in events and marketing, Mikaela is well versed in communicating across different channels and ensuring students know the when and where of their classes. The only team member without children, Mikaela enjoys spending her free time reading, baking, painting and camping.

"iSEE COLLEGE is the ideal environment for you to realise and unlock your leadership potential. We want to bring out your best, and that’s why our college focuses on developing empowered leaders. 


God has a plan and purpose for your life, and we want to play a part in preparing you for your future."

iSEE COLLEGE Presidents | Ps Paul & Jo Geerling