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iSEE COLLEGE exists to equip and empower people for ministry and leadership, no matter what ministry field you are called to. Established in 2006, iSEE COLLEGE has been the bible college of iSEE CHURCH for over a decade. 

We work to ensure our students are trained with a greater biblical understanding and reliance on the Holy Spirit so they can grow and develop a passion for the house of God. Our students are empowered to carry influence in their spheres and support their local church. 

With world-class teaching, practical experience and student support, we believe iSEE COLLEGE is the ideal environment for you to grow your God-given call. 



"iSEE COLLEGE is the ideal environment for you to realise and unlock your leadership potential. We want to bring out your best, and that’s why our college focuses on developing empowered leaders. God has a plan and purpose for your life, and we want to play a part in preparing you for your future."

Ps Paul +Jo Geerling

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